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Fengye attend ProPack China 2017 successfully.

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Fengye have successfully attended the ProPack China 2017 in the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center from 12th-14th July. 

奉业在2017年7月12日 至14日在上海国际会展中心成功参加了ProPack中国。

We have met more than 90 customers from different part of America and Europe at our booth. Most of them are very interested about our pallet wrapping machine and carton sealer and erector.
Now several companies want to be our exclusive agents in their area and come to our factory meet with our boss. 
我们在美国和欧洲不同地区的客户中,共遇到了90多位客户。 他们大多数对我们的托盘包装机和纸箱封口机和贴标机机构非常感兴趣。现在有几家公司想要成为我们在他们地区的独家代理商,来到我们工厂与老板见面。